Workers have learned through bitter experience that there is a powerful link between the bread box and the ballot box. Gains won at the bargaining table or through sacrifice on the picket line can be wiped out by unwise actions of local, state or Federal legislators as well as political leaders. Today's wage increase can be erased by tomorrow's inflation. Today's job can vanish in tomorrow's wave of unemployment! Our union's front line of defense against these attacks on TWU members is COPE.

TWU's Committee On Political Education (COPE) is a Political Action Committee. Since the TWU is a non-profit; COPE does not and cannot use member dues. The TWU COPE Committee supports candidates who are supportive of TWU members at all levels of our government; regardless if they are Republicans, Democrats or Independents. If a candidate by action or intention indicates he or she wants to provide a better life for all Transport Workers and their families, the TWU COPE Committee will help that candidate.

There is no limit on how much money TWU members can contribute to the Committee On Political Education; it is strictly voluntary. However, how much we contribute to a Federal candidate is mandated and strictly enforced by the Federal Elections Commission.

We know Big Business' Political Action Committees have more money than TWU COPE, but we have thousands of TWU members who vote...who can vote that legislator into office as well as out of office. TWU COPE money give us much more political clout when it is backed up by VOTES!

Getting TWU members to the polls with their knowledge of which candidates support their union ideas, and which candidates will help secure their jobs, depends on how involved the local is in politics. Since more and more decisions are being made by legislators who are affecting our members well-being, union officials have to make sure we elect political candidates who are pro-TWU, pro-union and not pro-big business.

What We Do

  • COPE helps register union members and their families to vote.
  • COPE distributes thousands of voting records of senators and congresspeople and helps educate union members on the issues so they can be informed voters.
  • COPE endorses candidates on the basis of their record and/or their program, not on the basis of their party affiliation.
  • COPE urges every union member and voting-age member of his or her family

What We Don't Do

  • COPE does not tell anybody how to vote
  • COPE does not force union members to contribute to it.
  • COPE does not use dues money in the form of contributions to endorsed candidates.
  • COPE does not make union members participate in its programs in their union or their community


Thank you for your interest in contributing to TWU-COPE. You may donate any amount you wish. COPE is only available to TWU members. To sign up for voluntary COPE contributions, contact your local president or the International COPE & Political Field Department at:

Transport Workers Union
Heather Rose, COPE & Political Field Coordinator

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